Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Rant of the Loon: "Even in my advanced state of maturity (okay, I'm only 36, but the mileage is starting to show)"
Google Search: super string theory when I was a teenager to understand

E = mc2,

General relativity - Wikipedia: "The special theory of relativity (1905) modified the equations used in comparing the measurements made by differently moving bodies, in view of the constant value of the speed of light, "

WAS A BIG DEAL but today :-

Superstring theory - Wikipedia: "Superstring theory is an attempt to explain all of the particles and fundamental forces of nature in one theory by modeling them as vibrations of tiny supersymmetric strings. It is considered one of the most promising candidate theories of quantum gravity. "

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is competing with CERN Intranet (user page) to find sparticles and or gravitron

LHC - The Large Hadron Collider Home Page

CERN - What's next at CERN?: "In the world of particle physics, higher energy is one of the key word to allow further discoveries. What's the origin of the mass of particles? Are neutrinos really massless?
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be the most powerful instrument ever built to investigate on particles proprieties."

Compact Muon Solenoid CMS - Table of contents fom Outreach

Google Directory - Science > Physics > Particle > Research Centers

Google Directory - Science > Physics > Relativity > Alternative

Nov. 14, 2003 - KEK: Belle Discovers a New Particle - new type of meson? -: "The new particle was found among the decay products of so-called beauty mesons that are produced in large numbers at the KEKB 'B-factory,' "
Astronomy Knowledge Base SPARTICLE or S-PARTICLE has definition Hypothetical particle which is predicted by some Grand Unified Theories.

Astronomy Knowledge Base GLOSSARY

Google Search: s-particle

Friday, December 26, 2003

Internet Resources - Writers Resources - Writing Links & Writers Links for Writers - Business: "

Writing Links & Links for Writers
Business "

horrible fade effect

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Jai Maharaj quotations: "'Great minds think alike. But so do fools, but not at the same time.' - Jai Maharaj "
PreMeC Bulletin: "Consider the use of an alternative agent in patients > 55 years.
Flucloxacillin remains the drug of choice in New Zealand for severe staphylococcus aureus infections.
Hepatic reactions to flucloxacillin, including fatalities, have been reported with increasing frequency over recent years. The incidence appears to be greater than with other isoxazolyl penicillins (i.e. cloxacillin, dicloxacillin, oxacillin, nafcillin) [1] .
Marked elevations of serum bilirubin and gammaGT and AST occur. Liver biopsy shows cholestasis, inflammatory cells including eosinophils, and lymphocyte sensitisation - suggesting an immunological mechanism. Progression to hepatic fibrosis can occur. "

Now they tell me < sigh >

11 days medicine plus a week
I might expire Sunday January 11 2004 age 68 - on January 7th 2004 -
so I had better look on the mirror for yellowing of the whites of my eyes,
I learned about that when discussing biliary colic and jaundice with a surgeon in Rigshospitalet Copenhagen.

not feeling good BACK to BED

tired actually < grin >
Call Centre Confidential: "Thank you for calling Call Centre Confidential. Our lines are now closed and will reopen on Monday the fifth of January. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of our customers. Never forget - your call is important to us"

another prize winner ?

Hugh Watkins
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | The winnersBlog awards 2003
My brief link report went into my GENEALOGE blog by mistake, but rather than move it I decided to do a longer piece here.

Competition is a fact of life BUT:-
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | The revolution should not be eulogised: "It is becoming obvious that no one really understands weblogs."
not even the Guardian.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Weblog heaven: "Jane Perrone hunts down the figures whose weblogs have caused the biggest stir both in and outside the blogosphere"

At the start a friend asked me "who are you writing for?" and to kill her negativenes I emailed back the truth MYSELF.

When I was having my privileged education at Clifton College, boarding for four years at School House we had the right to walk across Clifton Suspension Bridge free of tolls.

Often I pocketed a pebble or two until over the AVON and dropped one and counted the seconds until the splash, 12 secs. I think from memory, and speculated on what a suicide would think of during their drop.

J Epidemiol Community Health -- Abstracts: Nowers and Gunnell 50 (1): 30: "There were 127 falls from the Clifton Suspension Bridge between 1974 and 1993. The mean age was 35.4 years for males (n = 93) and 35.5 for females (n = 34). "
Google Search: clifton bridge suicide

Another pebble has been dropped on MARS today - no splash heard yet, and makiing so boring TV, but where the atifact goes people will follow.

AND? you think

This BLOG is just another pebble dropped as an experiment, or a message bearing bottle in the seas and oceans of words.

Just added belle de jour diary of a london call girl to the side bar, she/he writes nicely but not erotically enough to give me a hard on. Inevitably anonymous I regard it as fiction, with a ring of truth.

Hookers are good taxi customers but a bit of a puritan at heart I have never used one. Real men don't pay for it, they get it for free, was the attitude back in the fifties.

Then we had a real fear of syphilis, spurred by the US Army sex education film and a belief it was incurable, in the pre-pill days we were fearful of getting trapped into an early marriage too, you could even be sued for damages if you broke off an engagement.

None the less many young soldiers used hookers and told us all about it back in the barracks, and I got used to being hailed by the street girls in Soho as I went about my musical business in London's West End.

In Copenhagen the taxi trade follows the same pattern as the sex industry, if the town is riding high after a football win for example, taxis are busy and there is not a "girl" on the street, they are all busy on their backs, or whatever.

Obviously I have had many conversations with hookers the clever ones live in the best flats/appartments to be found and go to work between 900 pm and midnight, but there is a general thickness about them and their self confident life style, shopping at the best stores on the way to the massage and sauna parlour.

Back in the fifties they were described to me as "schizophrenic" because some were combining husband and four children with doing tricks, which was beyond the comprehension of the socially earnest do-gooders from a traditional english middle class christian background.

Back to belle her writing has an unintelligent feel to it which lends authenticity, the Guardiaan obviously liked the journalistic short sentences and readability, it is well written.

Hugh Watkins
Collecting my Thoughts: "He actually chose Dec. 23 because he figured it would be a good week to watch football!

Random thoughts at the clinic:" Norma from MW
BLOGGER - Knowledge Base - How To Get A Book Deal With Your Blog: "We here at Blogger Support don't want you to get left out, so we're releasing to you, our beloved users, the secrets of blog-to-book success."
British National Formulary: FLUCLOXACILLIN: "FLUCLOXACILLIN " in big doses

but why before meals ?

4gr yesterday 2gr today

Happy Xmas

FLUCLOXACILLIN is disolved by gastric acid
and is is best in a drip or injected.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Guardian Unlimited | Weblog: "I've also picked out a few gems from around the web that are worth a look:"

miss this one
Belle de Jour: "sum up their year in 20 words or fewer - and am thinking about my own entry. Maybe something like

Heartbreak, hard choices, hair dye. Suffering, soul mates, shoes. Grace can be learned. Good makeup worth the investment. Need sleep."
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | The best of British blogging: "The Guardian's second British blog awards found the country's webloggers in fine form, with last year's high standards maintained. Simon Waldman, chair of the judges, hands out the accolades "
LinkMachineGo: neo-maxi zoom linky | weblog: "more info about the Oxford Circus Megaphone Man "
Pepys' Diary: "Saturday 22 December 1660 All the morning with my painters,"
Surfing the Internet: "Sal Towse spends her waking hours writing, surfing the Net (research!), loitering in Usenet newsgroups. "
BEYOND NORTHERN IRAQ: STUHUGHESIRAQ@MAIL.COM: "Pssst....Do you want to know what I'm wearing under my trousers?"

Friday, December 19, 2003

Harry Claude Cat presents The Toon Show: "in cyberspace no one can spit in your eye"

on THE WELL !!!
by Thomas Armagost

which was the inspiration for Politiken on Line

You Own Your Own Words (YOYOW): "You Own Your Own Words
(YOYOW)" which is why I still post in my own name

"This means that you are responsible for the words that you post on the WELL and that reproduction of those words without your permission in any medium outside of the WELL's conferencing system may be challenged by you, the author."

WELL does not allow anonymous accounts

Hugh Watkins

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Yahoo! Groups : mwmDiscussion
"It's actually quite comical. The Yahoo discussion group about MWM gets more
traffic than MWM gets.
sez Robert

"As a librarian I would like to provide a salute to Cheerios for putting books in the hands of children. Cynical people will point out that this is merely being done to move boxes of Cheerios"
Google Holiday Logos: "Who's behind the oodles of doodles Google doodles"
Internet Resources - Writers Resources - Writing Links & Writers Links for Writers

Ye olde swarm of links: 4K+ links for writers, researchers and the terminally curious
sez SAL

Hugh Watkins sipping Earl Grey TEA at sunrise

Saturday, December 13, 2003

oneword digital radio: "Welcome to Oneword, the world's first radio station to feature the best in books, drama, comedy & discussion. You can hear us 7 days a week on Sky (channel 877), on Freeview (channel 87), NTL (channel 893), on DAB digital radio and here on the internet."

listen tooneword digital radio: "

The Laughter Zone, a weekly romp through a veritable medley of comic songs, short sketches, character monologues, parodies and scripted ad-libs."
London Book Fair 2004 - Welcome: "Need to get your writing Career moving?

Think you're a bestseller in the making but don't know where to start?

Frustrated because no publisher will look at your work without an agent?

London Book Fair is searching for the next UK Bestseller - and it could be you!

The winning entrant wins representation from top literary agent Curtis Brown and the chance to showcase their work in front of an international forum of publishers at the Show in March. The winner will also receive a free Evoke Digital Radio donated by Oneword Radio."
London Book Fair 2004 - Welcome: "CLOSING DATE 23RD JANUARY 2004
We are looking for the next big quality commercial bestseller - please be aware of this when submitting your entry.
Entries must be 10,000 words in length (double-spaced) and form the basis of the opening chapters of a novel.
A synopsis of no more than 2 sides of A4 must also be supplied.
Be sure to include your full contact details with your entry.

Send your entries together with an administration fee of £10.00 - cheques to be made payable to London Book Fair - mail to:

Shereen Murray, London Book Fair, Oriel House, 26 The Quadrant, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1DL
No booking form is required."
oneword digital radio: "With over 23 hours of children's programmes every week"
and as I write dear dear WIND IN THE WILLOWS

Thursday, December 11, 2003

ClockWorkMouse Productions

just hang out in Writing Buddies

Hugh Watkins

Friday, December 05, 2003

Biography of President George W. Bush: "George W. Bush is the 43rd President of the United States. He was sworn into office January 20, 2001"
seen in MWville

"ing" wrote ...

> Who sets these things up, I wonder. It surely can't be an accident.
> Go to Google - type in "miserable failure" and hit
> the 'I'm feeling lucky' bar.
> OY!
> ing

>>Back a bit, Old Fashioned Patriot
> started a project to generate
> the results you found. The project was to get as many people as
> possible, as often as possible, to link to the White House Bush bio
> using the descriptor
> "miserable failure."
> The project started in October, Bush hit #1 yesterday or so.

Old Fashioned Patriot
> If you do the actual Google search where Bush comes up #1

Google Search: miserable failure
>>and click on the
> "cached" version, you'll get the disclaimer: These terms only appear in
> links pointing to this page: miserable failure.
<< Towse

Biography of President George W. Bush: "These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: miserable failure "

Hugh Watkins from Towse and Ing

Thursday, December 04, 2003

THE MESOPOTAMIAN: "We are not Iraqi Americans for your information; we are Iraqi Iraqis. Myself, I have never even visited the U.S., and I doubt that I ever will."

Nor me

Where is G. ?: "Yes I know it is a bit confusing now that we have two poeple writing in the same blog, and I *do not* want to be associated with Raed's ramblings. His mind functions in strange ways. So to make things easier I am trying to color code, Firey Orange is me and boring white is Raed. " SALEM
Where is G. ?:
"I am sure they have someone reading the Iraqi papers so how could they allow this to get to press. "

Raed is not quite used to a free press yet

Hugh Watkins

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

A Bend in the River: "Thursday, March 13, 2003"

Hugh Watkins
Kabalarian Philosophy - Merging Eastern Wisdom with Western Practicality: "simply explains the basic principle of how your name creates your mind."

"Alfred J. Parker, founder of the Kabalarian Philosophy, wrote many books throughout his lifetime"

and who wrote the web shop ?
ROTC JEEP LIST: "Kabalarian Philosophy "
Ashabot: "still no Cat"
Plain English Campaign: Annual Awards: "Each year, we present awards for clear - and baffling - use of English. The 2003 awards take place on Tuesday 2 December (Plain English Day). "
parks place:
"Stupid? Of course what they did was stupid.

Daniel did something that was totally reckless and irresponsible, and it ended up costing him his life. But at this point, that is just pitifully unimportant. What is important is that this was a 19 year old with his whole life ahead of him. A college freshman, a top scholar, an all-around good kid. A leader. A black belt in karate. A violinist with the school orchestra. A friend.

A corpse.

What a waste. What a terrible, total waste. "

and a candidate for the next DARWINS ?

Darwin Awards: "The Darwin Awards honor those who improve our gene pool... by removing themselves from it."

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Internet Resources - Writers Resources - Writing Links & Writers Links for Writers: "Writing Links & Links for Writers
Writers' Resources on The Web and More"

Thanx Towse
Collecting my Thoughts: "Our senior pastor had colon surgery this week. The mass was benign. One of the associate pastors is calling him “Semi-colon.”"
Bettina's Blog: "Sunday, November 30, 2003
Darlings, I still do like hearing Christmas Carols in Latin,

many blogless days had intervened

Monday, September 22, 2003

Day One: The Realization of Blog Ownership

Darlings, I'm just overwhelmed at the moment with this new direction my life has taken and the role I have assumed, that of BLOG OWNER. I must needs collect myself if I am to be a useful member of society, or make supper."

Monday, December 01, 2003

Cheating bloggers:



Musings of a Philosophical Scrivener...: "Idle ramblings of an intermittently philosophical nature... Apologies to Martin Gardner, whose The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener is one of the best books you've (probably) never read."

SLOWEST BLOG yet : "RSSify at Wytheville Community College
This form takes your web page and turns it into RSS 0.92. This is especially useful for Blogger users."

<.!-- LIGHT BLOGGING AHEAD-8859-1" ?>
- <.!-- generator="rssify/0.92"
<.!DOCTYPE rss (View Source for full doctype...)>
+ <.rss version="0.92">


and a good job too
too much heavy code ;-((
third daughter: "Monday, December 01, 2003
...that feels better. i just had to have another blogscream. jean paul sartre had the right idea - hell is other people... i give up."

third daughter's blog slut page: "all the pretty things i see on other blogs and just have to include in mine..."


third daughter: "best viewed with your eyes and mind wide open..."

I like PINK blogs
tension is to be loved... unfair and unbalanced since 2002.: "...unfair and unbalanced since 2002"

tension is to be loved... unfair and unbalanced since 2002.: "it's important to note that i wore a 'George W. Bush: President 2000' pin for about 6 or 7 hours total. i shudder to think of all the liberal angels who lost their wings at my expense that weekend."