Friday, February 27, 2004

Writing Buddies!: My home page: "Writing Buddies! is probably the only writers group you will ever need... However, membership is limited to 500 and the group is private!
This means that it cannot be viewed from the outside - So your work is safe from prying eyes...

We operate a number of satellite groups too, designed for specific genre interests! - These sites act as 'feeders' into Writing Buddies! when "


I like them


At last I have got my set up here (on writing buddies) working in the way I like

I am subscribed to the daily digest as a text file

so I can easily read all thenew stuff once in each 24 hours

great !

I enjoy all the pomes especially

still working on "the great viking novel "

just got a rare saga which is one of my sources on inter library loan from Chlemsley Wood branch of Solihull libraries

It comes from the British Library documentation centre at
Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire

the catalogue is on line

easy to remember URL
The British Library Public Catalogue (BLPC)

I ought to remember that too !



Document Supply Material Only

some is refrence only and stays in your local library because you may not take it home

good for research anyway

BTW if they have not got it
the library of Congress in USA once lent me rare book, journal, on Victorian steam engines

and some of my viking stuff they have sent me as photo copies
free of charge - to keep

Birmingham University library STINKS

they charge outsiders !!!
but I could read the same book for free at Solihull loaned from Bham U L ;-)

Hugh Watkins

Monday, February 16, 2004

Google Search: Croeso i Gymru

Welcome to Wales
Ididn't know about the G for GYMRU

Welsh course: "0836 Gwefan Cymru-Catalonia (Wales-Catalonia Website). Welsh Course. The nasal mutation in Welsh affects six consonants - c,p,t,g,b,d. It is used after the preposition 'y'n (= in), as well as in other circumstances. Here we will indicate its use with place names - Ble mae Porthmadog? (Where's Porthmadog?) . Yng Ngwynedd (in the county of Gwynedd). "

One aspect of Welsh which needs to be examined from the very start is the phenomenon of mutation. This is the change of the first consonant of a word

The mutations need to be mastered from the very beginning as they are essential if an acceptable form of Welsh is to be achieved. (Some courses play down their importance, leaving them till later - until it's too late to eradicate bad linguistic habits. It's a bad idea to neglect a thorough grounding in the mutations)


Mutations are changes to initial consonants under certain conditions. For example, the feminine noun PONT = bridge, becomes BONT after the definite article.

In fact, there are three systems of mutation
1 the first involves nine consonants,
2 the second six consonants,
3 and the third has three.

play it by ear

the natural method

listen and copy - think like a child

Hugh Watkins
CROESO I GYMRU! - page 1: "There are an estimated 730 individuals with HIV in Wales, out of a population of under 3,000,000 (June 2002's PHLS figures). This figure of one infection in 4,000 people is only just over a third of the UK average, making Wales one of the lowest-prevalence countries in Europe. But with large cities like Bristol and Liverpool just beyond its borders, many Welsh people still prefer to get their
treatment - and be counted - in England."

Friday, February 06, 2004

Serena Shaft: Gullah Girl Blues

Yes, ma’am, but—”

sceloporus hippolytis: "Whichever tax attorney whose ad in the Yellow Pages first catches my eye."


Thursday, February 05, 2004

Google Search: "marc andreesen": "Marc Andreesen co-founded Netscape
Communications. He is now Chief Technology Office for AOL"
goat rope: "a completely screwy situation with no discernable solution which is invariably the fault of someone else. the phrase makes less sense than soup sandwich but rolls so trippingly off of the tongue. not related in any way to quick goat thinking, which in fact would preclude a goat rope. see also cluster fuck."

========== in AOL chat room start :--

Mxxxx: Joanne did you pet HUGH so he purred

Gxxxx: sheez. what a goat roap. tried to retrieve Davis info from Loudoun co. puter went wild.

Gxxxx: I guess goats on ropes knot them up and twist them.
Jxxxxx: goat
Mxxxxx: In rodeo's the ladies do goat roping rather than calf roping

6m long tied to the corner of a house

a completely screwy situation with no discernable solution which is invariably the fault of someone else.

Mxxxx: Krothe, you never beeen in goat roping contest????

Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math: "As far as I know, Shepherd and Eetvelt's proof is the only closed-form
solution that yields the correct result in all three cases. They used it
to calculate very accurately that the length L of the goat's rope such
that he can graze exactly half the field of radius R
L = 1.15872847301812171... R.

The title of their paper is as follows:

S. J. Shepherd and P. W. J. van Eetvelt, 'On Goats and Jammers,'
Bulletin of the IMA, 31, (5-6), May 1995, pp. 87-89."