Monday, June 21, 2004

this is where the Danish doctors may have a home page search Østerbro

...Psykiatrisk klinik O, distr. psyk. center, Østerbro
getsa a lot of the hits ??

din direkte adgang til sundhedsvæsenet.


Google Search: VÆSENET

Saturday, June 19, 2004

I don't normally blog jokes because google finds shoals of them

from my eagle eyed correspondent

"China has now joined the elite club of space-faring nations.
At tænke sig in Politiken said :-

that they did not tell the astronaut what was going to happen, he thought he was going to clean the windows inside the capsule...

And: the reason why the chinese did not send up a dog was that they had eaten it....
Slashdot | Gmail in the News: "'Despite all the negativity and privacy concerns that surround Gmail, it has still gained cult-like status where net-d0rks feel self validated by having a gmail address and will do anything to get one. "
Gmail Machine: "Welcome to the Gmail Machine. As most of you know Gmail accounts have been rather difficult to come by. Soo.. We decided to create this service to allow you a chance to win a free Gmail invite. Simply click your refresh button over and over again to see a random number, if you see the number 1337 you win a free Gmail invite!"
Toru's Railway Page
who says I'm sorry. Some pages are not tranlated to English yet.

but am image search finds the pictures
Google Search: jpg

Steam Engin of Great Briten: "G o o g l e's cache is the snapshot that we took of the page as we crawled the web."

displays best from google not so good
Kristin Øhrn Praktiserende Læge

Østerbrogade 45, 2. th
2100 København Ø
my excellent norwegian doctor

I had a senior moment and forgot to take my UK medicine with me to a consultation (twice)

I take one pill each daily of:-

5mg Tritace ramipril
angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor used in the treatment of high blood pressure by reducing the salt content of my blood.

2.5mg Bendrofluazide BP
Google Search: Bendrofluazide
Thiazide Diuretics what the UK doctors call water pills
my mother called them p pills - well they make you pee don't they.
Thiazide Diuretics, Bendrofluazide, Bendroflumethiazide, Benzthiazide, Chlorothiazide, Chlorthalidone, Cyclopenthiazide, Diucardin, Diuril, Enduron, Esidrix, Exna, HCTZ, Hydrochlorothiazide, HydroDIURIL, Hydroflumethiazide,: "Thiazide diuretics are a family of drugs that remove water from the body. They are referred to as potassium-depleting because they cause the body to lose potassium as well as water. Potassium-depleting diuretics also cause the body to lose magnesium. Thiazide diuretics are used to lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure."

75 mg Dispersible Aspirin
Google Search: Dispersible Aspirin
The benefits of treatment: treating mild hyper- tension reduces the risk of a
cardiovascular event by 25%. ... (h) Aspirin: take 75 mg daily if aged 50 or over

then a multi vitamin pill

and if active pain killers to manage my worn out left knee
Google Search: slidt gigt AK
Osteoarthritis, OA, or degenerative joint disease
Wear and Tear Arthritis --
Google Search: arthritis wear and tear

600 mg Ibuprofen

500 mg paracetamol

one of each before breakfast
later in the day one red and two white pills always with food
if I am very active

Google Search: Ibuprofen paracetamol

Google Search: Ibuprofen paracetamol Osteoarthritis

NSAIDs for treating Osteoarthritis WHAT ?
Upper gastrointestinal problems, including dyspepsia, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting etc, were higher at about 20% with NSAIDs than the 9% recorded with placebo. For dyspepsia alone the distinction was less clear.

Bleeding episodes, including positive faecal occult bloods, melaena, ulcers and GI bleeding were reported in 21 patients. This is 0.7% of all patients in the 29 trials, including placebo, paracetamol, and non-NSAID treatments.
Googlism: " will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything! Search for your name here or for a good laugh check out some of the popular Googlisms below"

Friday, June 18, 2004

Friday, June 11, 2004

Dares Genealogy

I like this as a family history

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Herbal Warning: Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Dangerous: "What You Don't Know about Herbs Could Kill You "
MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Triglyceride level

My doctor says my chloresterol is ok but a value of 2.6 is all to high in the tes this week (Fasting for 12 hours before the test

High cholesterol / triglyceride food diets

BEANS: Avoid commercial baked beans with sugar and/or pork added

organ meats (kidneys, liver);
avoid fried snack foods like potato chips;

When using alcohol (1 oz liquor, 5 oz beer, or 2 1/2 oz dry table wine per serving), one serving must be substituted for one bread or cereal serving (limit, two servings of alcohol per day).

oh dear time to tighten up

Good cholesterol, triglyceride foods in diets

MISCELLANEOUS: You may use the following freely: vinegar, spices, herbs, nonfat bouillon, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, flavoring essence.