Saturday, November 20, 2004 - Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen
BLOOG thursday Nov 11, 2004

My body woke up at 300 am with a very itchy scrotum – the only certain cure is a wash with very hot water – sprayed with the telephone shower head gradually increasing the temperatuire to the border of pain.
Scratch unil you bleed and it still itches !

Washed my hair - my pony tail is about 12 inches and curly – my daughter asked when I cut it last but I honestly can't remember.

So afterwards put the radio on - Through the Night relayed by statellite from BBC London
but with Danish announcements And with the tv with sound off

AHA good timing for

Die schönsten Bahnstrecken Deutschlands
Fahrten im Führerstand

Die schönsten Bahnstrecken Deutschlands

München - NürnbergARD(Hbg.)

which is one of my all time favourtie cult tv progammes

I always feel so peaceful after watching the geometry of the tracks going to the vanishing point.

We are driving out of München on an electrified railway on ARD germans tv at 0425 am . The clouds are high feathery icy stratus in a mostly blue sky warning of an aproaching warm front.

A big infrastructure about 10 or more tracks wide. Enormous high cast concrete signal box as we exit the station..

A gable of quick german on the 2 way radio in the driver's cab - a number ID or call sign – acknowledged - and maybe a warning from the central controller and an acknowledgment - OKEY DOKEY suddenly the familar words are understood – we can learn any language by listening first - the natural method.

Now 4 tracks then 3 with a siding or passing place to the left. We keep rightin germany - the railway land is wide allowing one or two tracks to be added if needed with more of a shubbery than a six foot way.

A four track suburban station . The landscape is mostly villas, detached houses or 2 family houses (semideatched in english englsish) A three chimyed power station, a row of flats then then on two tracks out in rich arable fam land -all the trrees lok young like a thirty year old greening.

Die Schönsten Bahnstrekken is available on video, may be dvd
and over all too soon.

ARD Tagesschau -news 441am central european time

Den Haag two terrorists arrested, [and how that story has developed]


Arafat maybe to buried in Cairo
Rammallah being demolished by the Israeli vandals – or was it an archive clip.
[No clearing up rubbish left as an outer defence against the next Israeli attack.

A finance minister -- Saxon State parliament -- 3 to 7 degrees weather

Wie Wissen -science news - W wie Wissen

Fecal found bacteria found on computer keyboards !

a section on depression illustrated by images of ravens flocking over a dark gray silhouette of a youg man with a pony tail

My mind is catching up, breakfast of the usual pills, strong Mocca brazil coffee, rolled oats sprinkled with sultanas and skim milk

I like muesli but it is too rich with sugar and fats to be really healthy

Arafat is dead. I am always against violence and war but I admired him. Stickability is an essential quality in artists too - not only in soldiers and politicians. Terrorism is wrong even if the cause is just and Israel should remember that too - their own berginnings with the Stern gang..

Born in Cairo in 1929 but raised in Jerusalem maybe to be buried in Cairo 2004 if there is a family grave.

A good day for the newsrooms - they love to have breaking news.
I look forward to reading his obituary in the London Times

A norwegian who spoke on BBC World Service radio, outlined Arafat's carrier very clearly and sorted it into several stages, the guerilla leader, and after the PLO recognised the state of Israels right to exist, he became the political leader. One of his secret accounts was set up by Israel in order for them to contribute !
The other bank accounts were more in the style of a mafia don using money to control his organisation and were a survival of the ways of the guerilla leader.

Only in the last four years did his words and actions begin to be a little disconnected and a correspondent suggets Arafat could have lived longer if he had been allowed by Israel earler to travel for medical attention.

I like the compromises over the funeral in Cairo, where he went to university to qualify as an engineer, a private and a public memorial service, at two mosques then to be buried in Ramallah in soil brought from the by the Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

His place of birth is said to be uncertain and as a genealogist I wonder if civil registration existed in Britsh Protectorate of Egypt 1914 to 1922 and if it was continued under the new King of Egypt.
Daily Times - Site Edition: "Japanese people are increasingly too fat or too thin, eat fewer vegetables and skip breakfast, as modern living takes its toll on the nation's health, official data showed.

The statistics released nearly halfway through a 10-year government plan aimed at improving health by 2010 showed that in key areas Japan was heading in the other direction."

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

from my email:-

Dear Writer,

Here we are. Week Two.

If there were a zodiac sign for each cycle of the noveling escapade, Week One would undoubtedly be a magnificent galleon at full sail. Week Three would be a road-tested marathon runner, smiling as she catches her second wind. And Week Four would be a lone figure silhouetted against the setting sun, arms raised in triumph.

Unfortunately, Week Two would be represented by a pack of rabid weasels hurling themselves from the treetops onto a group of screaming campers below.

This, I think, is why they don't make zodiac signs for NaNoWriMo.

And this is also why we need to have a few words about the week to come.

Because Week Two is when you'll likely begin having some second thoughts about your participation in NaNoWriMo. It's the point when the effects of sleep-deprivation, mind-wearying creative output, and a shortage of leisure time will combine to create the infamous Week Two Wall.

You'll know you've hit the Wall when you start thinking that the whole endeavor is futile. When you start worrying that you don't have the time or imagination to pull it off, and you come to see your story as an unmitigated disaster that should be put out of its misery before the thing gets old enough to remember where you live.

Happily, a small percent of participants will never feel the demoralizing thud of the Week Two Wall. These are the disciplined folks who exceeded their daily word counts throughout Week One, and who will coast through the tough period ahead on a cushion of surplus prose.

Those of us who've skipped a few days here and there, though, have our work cut out for us. Because Week Two is when that dreaded, celebrated thing called 'plot' appears, adding yet another flaming machete to the daunting juggling act we began last week.

It's a demanding moment for a writer. We made huge creative strides in Week One, creating and introducing our cast, and getting them comfortably situated in their homes, workplaces, and zombie-filled swamps. But just when we're ready for a well-deserved nap, we have to drag ourselves back to the keyboard and struggle to come up with something for these people to *do* over the next hundred and fifty pages.

These are the kinds of difficult decisions that novelists writing without a deadline can successfully avoid making for months, if not years. Happily for those around us, we're compressing months and months of guilty procrastination and agonized decision-making into one soul-crunching week.

Ah. Week Two. Where the key to survival comes down to one simple mandate: Whatever you do, don't stop writing.

Because there is no way over or around the Wall of Week Two. The only way to get to the sweet sunset and triumphant arm-raising that happens as a matter of course over on the other side of the barrier is to run directly at the thing. And smash straight through it.

Which is why it is so essential this week that we dig deep into our reserves of tenacity and overpriced Swiss chocolates. Let's double-brew our coffee, triple-pace our writing, and stay glued to the computer long after our beleaguered brains cry out for mercy.

And plot! This is the week we allow plot to happen in our books by proactively tackling the tough decisions all novelists have to face. Let's set exciting crises in motion, and willfully place our protagonists in harm's way. Let's allow our characters to embarrass themselves, and let them make the kinds of dangerous miscalculations that form the heart of any juicy narrative.

More than anything else, though, let's celebrate the pain and suffering of this week. Because, seven days from now, we'll have traded the menacing weasels of Week Two for the revitalizing second-winds of Week Three. The writing will be much easier, the hours more humane, and those glorious creatures called naps will have returned in delicate flocks across the land.

At that point, we'll actually *miss* those adrenaline-filled moments of Week Two, when failure seemed all but inevitable, and the desire to quit lurked behind every demoralized word-count.

Hard to believe, but true. So let's start pounding it out. Daily. Copiously. Imperfectly. Knowing all words are good words, and everything -- no matter how flawed it seems at the time - can be redeemed in the rewrite.

See you on the other side of the wall!


Monday, November 08, 2004

Nadia Cornier: "I think it's come down to the fact that I, like the rest of the world, is going Nanowrimo insane. :) Good stuff.... I've belted out about four thousand words of what I'm calling an academic romance."

a CODEXIANS or Google Search: CODEXIAN

Saturday, November 06, 2004

BBC NEWS | In Depth | Vote USA 2004 | National

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Coming home for the holidays
By Rob

I have a feeling that the 59,054,087 "dumb Americans" who voted to allow George W. Bush and the neo-cons to keep their jobs will be having second thoughts after the imminent attack on Fallujah. I know that most of that 51 percent of Americans who voted for Dubya don't give a rats ass about brown-skinned foreigners but it might hit home when they start to hear the stories of all the (white, christian) fathers, sons and brothers who will be coming home for the holidays in flag-draped boxes.

These guys can't even stop spinning after a victory. On Wednesday Cheney called the election results "a broad, nationwide victory" and that "the nation responded by giving him a mandate." Has he seen the map?
all the muddled people in the middle

Brits to America: You're Idiots! - Well, 51 percent of you, anyway. By June�Thomas: "Brits to America: You're Idiots!
Well, 51 percent of you, anyway.
By June Thomas
Posted Thursday, Nov. 4, 2004, at 5:07 PM PT "

"Mr Bush opposes abortion and gay marriage, doesn't give a stuff about the environment, is against gun control and believes troops should stay in Iraq for as long as it takes."

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Answering Myths about American Indian Science: "Ten Lies about Indigenous Science - How to Talk Back"
Names that did not make it - Elementymology & Elements Multidict: "Crodonium, Anglohelvetium, Klaprothium, Nipponium, Vestaeium, Wodanium....
Not all elements had immidiately after their discovery their final name. Sometimes several proposals were made and variants names were used for a long time.
Morover, dozens of new elements were discovered, described and named only to be a few years later exposed as an impure other element, a compound or just an erroneous assumption.
The variant names are discussed with the element in question. "
Top 15 student money-saving tips: "Develop a taste for strong cheap cider. There is less tax on cider."
Guardian Unlimited | US elections 2004 | Divide and rule ... for now: "Bush may have steamrollered his way back into the White House, but his re-election will further galvanise the resurgence of progressive opposition, writes US blogger Markos Moulitsas "

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

(parenthetical aside) another unpublishe novellist
from my email:-

Dear Writers,

And so NaNoWriMo begins. Thirty-three thousand writers from two dozen countries. The largest literary force ever unleashed upon the unsuspecting month of November.

Over the course of the next thirty days, we'll produce more prose than many professional writers manage in an entire year. And we'll emerge from the month with a not-horrible manuscript, heaps of novel-writing experience, and the power to charm and impress attractive strangers in cafes with passing references to our literary masterworks.

If your brain is anything like mine (distractible, easily confused, prone to fits of procrastination), it's going to love the upcoming high-velocity workout. And you'll be absolutely astonished by the things your imagination comes up with when you put it on the spot. Bookish plots will appear. Complex settings will materialize and expand. Listless characters will rise up, steering the story towards twists and turns you never could have anticipated or planned.

It sounds too good to be true, I know. But I've seen it happen to thousands and thousands of people. Because it turns out that writing a novel doesn't take a great idea, or a miraculous gift for pacing or dialogue. It just takes dedication. And a deadline big enough to injure a water buffalo.

As we face that whomping thirty-day deadline together this month, I hope you'll keep two things in mind:

1) You are awesome. Whether you recognize it or not, you are a tremendously powerful literary force. Currents of creativity run so deeply through the human condition that the central problem of writing is not a shortage of inspiration but an overwhelming surplus of it. Make writing a daily part of your life in November, and your novel will take care of itself. No sweat.

2) We're all in this together. This month, let's take care of one another, and go the extra mile to keep other Wrimos around us motivated and on track. Whether you spread some friendly encouragement on the forums, in local groups, on in one-on-one writing sessions with friends or family, be sure to reach out with kindness whenever someone is struggling. And should kindness fail, reach out with a sharp stick or other prodding device.

Whatever works, really, to make sure that all participants experience the spirited highs of Week One, as well as the face-squishing lows of Week Two. To ensure that everyone get the opportunity to gaze out on the pleasant, verdant slopes of Week Three, and experience the champagne-drenched, finish-line mayhem of Week Four.

We could walk alone to that finish line, sure. But the real joy of the journey comes from tackling the challenge together. In spending time writing loudly, sharing our weird plot developments, character epiphanies, and noveling breakthroughs. And -- after one long and productive month -- raising our voices in a mighty, combined roar as we celebrate on the far side of 50K.

So let's get writing! November is upon us, and the great adventure of NaNoWriMo 2004 is officially underway.

Best of luck, everyone!


Monday, November 01, 2004

After a good start on VIKING NOVEL with the first thousand words blogged
I was tired out and went back to bed

When I woke up the continuation was clear in my mind
but since then I have been procrastinating - not writers block
Just the I have do do that first syndrome

Meanwhile pictures are forming in my thoughts of what it all looked like

now time to cook some more food !!!!!

What is NaNoWriMo?