Sunday, March 27, 2005

Weight Loss Programs: Which weight loss program will really work?: "Weight loss programs often have big claims. Understand the 'science' behind weight loss, and you'll zero in on the achievable ones.

The key is to try not to simply accept or reject the the 'claim' but to see which kind of program is scientifically more viable - and therefore capable of living up to its claim. To understand weight gain and weight loss thus, we need to understand that the body actually has a three-sided energy equation ...

... there is ENERGY INPUT (what we eat), ENERGY OUTPUT (what we use in activity) and ENERGY STORED (fat layer in the body is solidified stored energy). "
Autumn Cottage Diarist: "I paid a visit to
my friend the second hand book dealer, and now I am happily surrounded by yet another pile of books. It's a bit feeble to say that I 'like
books'. I hoard them, I greedily acquire them, I fondle them, I sleep
with them, I surround myself with them - they are my passion."

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Blogger Buzz from google

Friday, March 25, 2005

Google Groups :

found an old chitty
5 November 2004 -- 180.4 kg in old money 28 stone 5 lbs

and now 11 February 2005 -- 186.2 kg or 29 stone 4 lbs

and my target is 160 kg so I can use my home weighing machine instead of the
pharmacy Boots

time to tighten up

March 22 2005

was too ill to go out on Monday but OK today for a little shopping
therapy at KvikSave in Chelmsley Wood

181.2 kg or 28 stones 7 lb
I am posting my weekly weigh in in this thread
cheaper than WeightWatchers which I DO recommend if you like your group leader.

March 26 7:30 am
on the old diet called forgetting to eat

only two meals
blogging and fixing side bars - or wrecking them

Thursday, March 24, 2005 - Tips and Tricks. The importance of Water.: "Water is also a very important factor for helping us to build muscle and lose fat. There are at least ten main reasons that make this true.

Keytones, (SIC KETONES )a natural byproduct of fat burning, are flushed out of the body through urine. Drinking water helps to flush them out, thereby improving the fat burning process.

If you're a bodybuilder on a protein diet, water has an additional importance. One of the chief byproducts of protein metabolism is urea. Water helps to flush this out.

While there is question on whether water is anabolic, there is no doubt of its anti-catabolic effects. Dehydration stimulates catabolic (muscle destroying) hormones and increases the cortisol response to exercise."
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Toxin du jour (Not a Sop to Drink)

The best general advice (keeping in mind that there are always exceptions) is to rely upon your normal senses. If you feel thirsty, drink — if you don't feel thirsty, don't drink unless you want to. The exhortation that we all need to satisfy an arbitrarily rigid rule about how much water we must drink every day was aptly skewered in a letter by a Los Angeles Times reader:

Although not trained in medicine or nutrition, I intuitively knew that the advice to drink eight glasses of water per day was nonsense.
The advice fully meets three important criteria for being an American health urban legend:
public virtue,
and the search for a cheap "magic bullet."

I mentioned this to my norwegian doctor
the only humans who get into trouble
are oldies who have had a stroke which disabled that part of their brain controlling their sense of thirst

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Google Search: lamisil terbinafine

Lamisil® (terbinafine hydrochloride tablets) Tablets contain the synthetic allylamine antifungal compound terbinafine hydrochloride.

This medicine contains the active ingredient terbinafine hydrochloride, which is an antifungal medicine. It kills fungi by interfering with their cell membranes.

Terbinafine works by stopping fungi from producing a substance called ergosterol, which is an essential component of fungal cell membranes. The disruption in production of ergosterol disrupts the cell membrane and causes holes to appear.

Lamisil tablets
Data Sheet

Monday, March 21, 2005

Lightning007 - Pearls Before Swine: "Living With The Emperor Of Dumb
You would think that the family of JDPLVY would have noticed by now that their baby boy, aged 30, is all screwed up in the head. You would think that either Mom, Uncle, Grandad or brother would have taken a cue from all the screaming obscenities coming from the basement of their adequate but modest Pleasant Valley New York home that something might be amiss with little JD."


He keeps "threatening" to drive to New Jersey, another element of his psychosis, which compells him to "confront" anyone he thinks has wronged him. He is angry with the NOC for having bnned his email. He feels that GOOGLE is unfair because they will not close Blogger. He feels B2G is unfair because he is unwelcome there and he feels I am unfair because I have posted contact information for for the use of those people he has victimized.

He's that damn dumb, that damn sick, and that far into the Twilight Zone.

Lightning007 - Help! Help! I'm Being Opressed!: Nothing Can Stop A Motivated Blogger: " envy JDPLVY in a couple of ways.

The world in which he lives is rural, with a town attached just a few miles up the road. Dutchess County, NY is a lot like those places you find in Steven King novels, quiet, quaint and packed with innocuous little nooks and crannies that are perfect for committing murder and then hiding the body."

This well known message board troll, (refering to Message Board Dave,
AKA JDPLVY, AKA Loretta, AKA Megan the Lesbian) has terrorized dozens
and dozens of forums and message boards from one end of the net to the
other. He has been expelled from or banned from most all of the afore
mentioned places.

For more information on JDPLVY et all, you may log into

or simply visit
for for the latest message board dave cartoon

please excuse the intrusion on your group...

I am the nemesis about whom he whines constantly, and since he has seen
fit to insert his lies and innuendo, I felt it might be appropriate to
key you in on the truth.

A tip for dealing with this particular troll; he cannot stand being
laughed at, pranked on, talked about or corrected in his grammar.

These things often make him leave.

he is 30 years old and not a kid.

His name is dave grady

he lives in pleasant valley New York (their bad luck)

and I NetCopped him but Mrs Google could see nothing wrong
American Nystagmus Network-About Nystagmus: "Balance can be a problem in acquired nystagmus, which can make it difficult to go up and down stairs. Finally, a widespread lack of understanding of the various types of nystagmus is often as much a source of difficulty as nystagmus itself. We are doing our best to overcome this problem and would be glad if you could help in this aim. "

yesterday I had two bouts of acquired nystagmus - when the monitor
appears to tilt, and the only cure is to go to be shut my eyes and, as
I break out in a cold sweat, go and lie down on my bed and meditate
until I fall asleep.

And so it looks as if I am going to be even more dependant on digital
genealogy and I like to see as much as possible on line as vanilla html
instead of visiting our well loved archives, libraries, search rooms or

Friday, March 18, 2005

RSS: The Latest Feed: "RSS emerges
RSS has been around since 1997 but relatively little attention was paid to it until it became a central component of the new craze of weblogging or blogging. The RSS technology landscape is confused. There isn't even consensus as to the meaning of the acronym RSS: is it Really Simple Syndication, RDF Site Summary or Rich Site Summary?

Despite this, RSS is becoming increasingly influential in the library where it is recognised as a useful tool for a growing number of tasks.
In essence, RSS is a simple XML syntax for describing a channel or feed of recent additions to a website. These additions may be news items, blog updates, library acquisitions or any other discrete information elements. The RSS feed, in the form of an XML file, is made available on the web site; a site with one or more feeds is said to be syndicated. Users subscribe to the feed using an aggregator or newsreader that polls the site on a regular basis, maybe once a week, maybe once every quarter of an hour.
The aggregator displays feeds and enables users to organise them and to access related Web pages when these are available.
For example, the New York Times circuits feed
[1] summarises the newspaper's most recent computer technology-related articles and provides links back to for the full article, as illustrated in Figure 1.

The aggregator shown is SharpReader
[2] which is free, simple to install and intuitive to use.

Atom [3] is an increasingly popular rival to RSS. Unless otherwise stated, comments in this article concerning RSS are also relevant to Atom." The Courtship of Atom: "First, a word about the virtues of community. SAX and Atom are both insanely successful, especially if judged by the proportion of inputs to outputs. Which is to say that both SAX and Atom are very widely implemented, cost very little to develop, and those costs were paid by a wide range of people and institutions, most if not all of whom freely chose to participate. Plus, and we can never underestimate this aspect, they both have oodles of technical merit. While some people don't care for event-centric APIs, there's no question that SAX is a fundamental element of XML's success. Likewise, while many people prefer RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0 to Atom, there is little doubt that Atom-the-syntax is a fine piece of engineering.
In sum, community processes can sometimes create good technology cheaply. Hooray for the do-it-ourselves ethic"
Cot�'s Weblog - Coding, Collab, Austin, &co.: "Crazy Thinking on Privacy: The Naked Life; My Life Copyright 2005
It seems like a month can't go by without some privacy hoopla happening. In most cases, it's not that new data about people that was once super-private suddenly because public, it's that the ability of the 'net to reduce the distance between two points -- information and the person who wants it -- makes geography nil. "
Tilted Forum Project - weird pictures

one of my friends went out the other day for a trip through keepers, its a big forrest about two hours away from where we live, well anyway when he came back he told me that he had found a digi cam its a 3.3 mpixel Powershot S20 i aint sure if thats meant to be good but it had a 300mb memory inside so its gotta be worth alot, whoever dropped it must of been crazy. anyway my friend uploaded the pictures to my pc since the adapter to my digi cam was the same fitting, well when we uploaded the pics i noticed that they are very artistic but kinda weird at the same time. anyway here have a look thought id share them with everyone.

wat u guys think?

this appeared in searches on sites in au and nl but deleted
Google Search: pshot05.jpg

see Google Image Search: pshot05.jpg

Google Search: http page 2

Well, you can't argue with a free camera. I hope the person it belonged to is okay. I suppose a few pictures are peculiar in a haunting way. That old building and tower are very interesting. I wouldn't mind seeing those places myself. I can't really tell whyen the building was made, though picture 15 has some clues. The way the bricks were layed suggests late to post industrialage. However, the use of wood in its construction (the wood over the door and protruding from the wall on the right inbetween floors) clues at an older age. The tower looks like an abondoned lookout station that you can usually find on the east coast from when rangers didn't usually have helocopters to locate people, among other things. In picture 17, this is where the paranoia kinda sets in. Next to the promenant tree in the middle left of the shot, one could argue that there is a humanoid form. It's leaning to the left and slightly hunched over. Was this a picture of a companion on the hike? Was this just some branches that resembled a human form? Was it something else? Picture 18 has two light areas in the shape of eyes, if you use your imagination. Was the man taking pictures being followed by a feline? The forementioned picture with the reflection is interesting, too. There seems to be a male on the top floor of the tower, hunched over on his knees. The tower seems to have a steel four sided roof with glass windows that can be opened out and up from their closed state. I'm not quite sure why there would be a mirror attached to the ceiling. If you look the the right of the man, you can see what lookis like an eliptical shape on the floor (?) next to him. His head seems to be pointed in the same area where his hands would be. It's possible that there is something he is working on out of sight or behind his body. After the rush down the stairs, the pictures tell a story, if you choose to imagine. He saw the figure in the tower and was really freaked out. He ran down the stairs. The next few pictures are of him moving away from the tower. After that he seems to be following power lines, probably back to civilization. The power lines seem to stop, then the camera is on the ground. Creepy...

at first the pics were errie, but when it was revealed that it was a hoax, it kinda killed the mood of the pics.

-- all quoted (copyright the owners ) thank you - but is it a work of art ?
TinyPic Hosting

Welcome to TinyPic, an internet hosting service running on a linux dedicated server network.
Host it here and link to auctions, boards, blogs, etc. Best of all, the url will always be tiny!

uses pop ups so hold the shift key down

most popular
found by random clicking

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

dooce: " Wow. She's an attack baby."
PubliCity: "Photobloggers are a new breed of multimedia artists, combining their internet and photography skills to publish daily visual slices of life through their websites. Unlike a portfolio website or an online gallery, which can become static and dated, a photoblog is dynamic as it is published frequently with new images for visual consumption and judgement. In Toronto alone, there are over 100 documented local photoblog sites listed on (a hub for blog activity in Toronto), and thousands more from around the world are listed on (a global directory of photoblogs and resources).
Over the last five years we have seen the rise of the digital camera market that has enabled people to capture their surroundings at a phenomenal rate. It has also empowered a new generation of photographers to flourish because of lower costs, instant results and a quick learning curve that only digital photography can provide."
Fairvue Central >> Bloggies >> Fifth Annual Weblog Awards
The Bloggies™ are a set of 30 publicly-chosen awards given to weblog writers and those related to weblogs. This is the fifth ceremony, with previous winners listed

As you may have noticed, the site's been going down often due to the bandwidth limits I have this year, and at the rate things are going, I'll probably run out of bandwidth again sometime in the next week.

A "weblog" is defined as a page with dated entries

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Walking Calories ( "WALKING CALORIES
'How did I drop over 30 kgs. in just 32 weeks, without any dieting?'"
Google Search: "Google News" Edit-Me untidy blogs
and tests not completed

Saturday, March 12, 2005

GENEALOGE: "posted by Hugh " a very messy blog archive
Will Smith (I)
the price of fame

Notable TV Guest Appearances

"M�thode Cauet, La" playing "Himself" 3 March 2005
"Azotea de Wyoming, La" playing "Himself" (episode # 1.8) 2 March 2005
"Parkinson" playing "Himself" 26 February 2005 in London and earlier in Birmingham UK
no wonder he looked tired
"Wetten, dass..?" playing "Himself" in episode: "Wetten, dass..? aus Erfurt" (episode # 1.154) 19 February 2005
"Late Show with David Letterman" playing "Himself" 7 February 2005 brilliant interreaction in NY
I saw the repeat on ITV2 UK at 530 am and it put me in good humour for the day
"The Oprah Winfrey Show" playing "Himself" 7 February 2005
"Good Day Live" playing "Himself" 18 January 2005

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Last Nail: "The house we bought came with lots of 'bonus material.' One of the things that first drew us to this property was the solid concrete Lawn-Mammals."

Monday, March 07, 2005

ARTICLE - Family Tree Maker - How To Recommend Changes To Family Tree Maker: "Here's your opportunity to affect what will be included in future versions of Family Tree Maker.

Knowing your suggestions as well as why your suggestions will improve Family Tree Maker are extremely helpful to the software developers.

To send a suggestion (and why it will improve FTM) send an email to: "

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Articles: Installing Linux on a Dead Badger: User's Notes, by Lucy A. Snyder: "Let's face it: any script kiddie with a pair of pliers can put Red Hat on a Compaq, his mom's toaster, or even the family dog. But nothing earns you geek points like installing Linux on a dead badger. So if you really want to earn your wizard hat, just read the following instructions, and soon your friends will think you're slick as caffeinated soap."

Note: these instructions only work for Taxidea taxus the american badger - Meles meles requires a eurasian cyberspiritual controller program, card and Linux distribution.

Friday, March 04, 2005

The Internet Genealogy Community Study | Blog
Phase 1 of the survey participation drive yielded nearly 2,000 respondants to the IGCS Survey. Today, Phase 2 commenced, with an email to an Officer of 1,613 genealogical societies across 5 countries, asking them for their help in notifying their members about my survey. Replies so far have been extremely favourable.

Bojana Lobe of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, presents a mixed-method approach based on a need for a more descriptive/exploratory investigation of online communities. Secondly, Kylie Veale of Curtin University, Australia, discusses how a mixed-method approach bridges the macro/micro divide, allowing both a broad understanding of a online community, in addition to specific cases of use to support that understanding.