Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dalek 'kidnappers' demand Doctor


The 5ft model, believed to be an original from the cult BBC Dr Who series, was taken from Wookey Hole Caves near Wells on Monday.

On Thursday, staff found the plunger arm and a ransom note on a doorstep
9 June, 2005,

My Blahg

My Blahg is dead LOL

My Blahg likes a fancy URL I see

What is RSS Feedreader? | Feedreader - Totally Free RSS / ATOM Newsreader / Aggregator

What is RSS Feedreader? | Feedreader - Totally Free RSS / ATOM Newsreader / Aggregator

Feedreader is a lightweight open-source aggregator that supports RSS and ATOM formats. It works under Windows 95 and later versions.

Reference > Libraries > Library and Information Science > Technical Services > Cataloguing > Metadata > RDF > Applications > RSS > News Readers

FeedBurner - About Feed Syndication

Who publishes RSS feeds?

Some of the biggest names on the web now offer content using RSS feeds:

* Yahoo!
* BBC News Headlines
* ABCNews
* ...and many more!

In addition, thousands of weblog authors publish feeds to keep themselves better connected to their readers/admirers/critics. Blogs are a driving force behind a recent surge of interest in RSS and syndicated content.

Where is RSS headed? What's next after text?

RSS is almost a mainstream technology; the popular press is all over it and consumer services are rapidly moving to integrate it into existing products. And that's just for bringing you the latest headlines, personal publications, and other textual content. RSS will gain whole new levels of fun/utility/value once it moves beyond just text and links. You can get a glimpse of the future today:

RSS is based on XML, a widely used standard for textual information exchange between applications on the Internet.

However, most RSS users simply want fresh content and don't care at all about the underlying protocol. (FeedBurner helps publishers avoid this quandry, by the way. Apply our SmartFeed™ service to an Atom feed, such as those provided by Blogger, and your feed is delivered as RSS to readers that still don't support Atom.)

and my plan is to integrate three blogs into a single web page
when I can find out how

Blogger: User Profile: Hugh Watkins

Blogger: User Profile: Hugh Watkins
seems to be broken (atom.xml does not read in MS IE 6)

Having trouble? Search Blogger Help to get the answer right away!

just asked Talk To Us

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Veggetarian Food Calculator

Food Calculator: "This system helps in the calculus of proteins, carbohidrates, fats and calories.
Just have to enter the quantity in grams of the food we want to calculate and choose the food you want.
Remember the decimal separator is a dot. (.) "

Friday, September 16, 2005


A Story of Sorts

not too good

Saturday, September 10, 2005

deep fried haggis pizza

Slice: Deep-Fried Pizza:
"We're brought up on rubbish and, as parents, we give our children rubbish to eat,' Ms. Ski said at the fish and chips shop, known as a chippie, in Mary Hill, a working-class enclave of Glasgow. Life today is a mad rush, she said, and few people have time for a proper sit-down dinner. 'There just isn't anywhere to go to get something quick that isn't rubbish.'

Paul Jaconelli, the owner, grimaced when he spoke of the 100 fried pizzas he sells a week, or the fact that there are 10 chippies on one stretch of Mary Hill road, not to mention the Chinese and curry take- outs. 'To eat healthy costs more money,' he said, 'and there is a wee bit of laziness, as well. People are not as active as they should be here and they don't cook as much at home.' "

from my email

Roll Up, Roll Up - For Free Haggis Pizza
Supermarket chain Morrisons has been struggling to convince customers,
particularly in Scotland, that their takeover of the Safeway stores was a good
move. But they are trying hard and on the day before Scotland met Italy in their
vital World Cup football qualifier, they attempted to blend the tastes of the
two cultures by producing Italian pizza with a Scottish haggis topping. Perhaps
they anticipate that this clash of tastes might not go down too well, so they
are giving slices of the "Caledonia" pizzas away free throughout the day only
at their Easterhouse, Glasgow, store. The manager says that he hopes the
Scotland team will follow the haggis example - and come out on top.

haggis pizza - Google Search
University of Openess: No Tuition Fees! No Objectivity! No Success! - Burns Night: "The immortal hoover pipe has been located, and will be used for the haggis pizza parade"

Slice: A Slice Only Groundskeeper Willie Could Love: "'We use our margarita pizza and add haggis and just a pinch of fresh parsley. "

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Book Publicity News

The images of a city's devastation whose old-world charm and artistic ambiance beckoned such writers as Faulker, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Tennessee Williams, is hard to comprehend. People being airlifted to safety, homes ruined, streets flooded with contaminated water, and people being evacuated from their homes, is the New Orleans that now exists.

Tennessee Williams, who found creative inspiration in New Orleans, said that he came to the city "as a migratory bird going in search of a more congenial climate."

Many other writers have been captivated by New Orleans, including Sherwood Anderson, Walker Percy, John Kennedy Toole, James Lee Burke. Lillian Hellman spent time in New Orleans, and wrote about a New Orleans family in Little Foxes. And other great literary legends have visited this seductive city, including Truman Capote.

New Orleans is also the birthplace and home of bestselling author Anne Rice.

Let's hope that someday soon, the city will flourish again, beckoning once more the creative spirit that thrived there for so many years.

Susan Schwartzman is named.

writng blog

Flogging the Quill
you can see this is by a nervous writer(s) because the bloggist is scared of losing out and spattering copyright declarations

© 2005 Ray Rhamey
Copyright © 2005 Kris Saknussemm

Google Groups :

cheaper than Weight Watchers
Google Groups :

Tuesday afternoon
plus 2 kg or 4 lbs
168.8 kg
but over the summer minus about a stone

26 stone 8 lbs
I need to get to under 160 kg to use the LIDL weighing machine
so about a stone and a half to go "

But Start losing weight today! are GOOD Online Weight Loss - Weight Watchers Online: "Weight Watchers is recognised as a safe, healthy and proven way to take control and reach your weight-loss goals." Sign up to Weight Watchers Online - Payment Plan and your Health Profile: "3 Month Savings Plan £9.95/month plus £29.95

Please note: Our products are designed to help people lose weight safely at a rate of up to 2 lb a week. To sign up, you must be at least 10 lb above our minimum weight for your height to sign up according to our Healthy Weight Range chart. At this time, our online offerings are also not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, individuals with a recognised eating disorder (e.g. anorexia or bulimia), or individuals under the age of 18.

Weight Watchers recipe cards, circa 1974

LILEKS (James) Gallery of Regrettable Food:

"Where have all these images slumbered, lo these many decades? In small faded books, shoved in the back of some Mom's pantry. They're collector's items now - but of course, eventually, everything is a collector item. I find them in antique stores, stacked carelessly, forgotten and overpriced, or carefully stowed in plastic envelopes, pristine, awaiting the collector's discerning eye. There's a market for these books."


I showed my doctor my red foot today

He proscribed this Diclofenac plus FLUCLOXACILLIN - I think I will not take a chance on the side effects of the diclofenac and will put it on the shelf with the Ibroprofen

This night I had bad foot pain which woke me up
an AOL chat room denizen suggested gout - yes and I had drunk two cans of beer 8.5% and 2 pints of cider 7.5%

Or was it all this walking and shopping?

Monday, September 05, 2005

my odd feet

left is a darker red than the right
both size 13 / 47 shoes

after sixty nine years my left knee is worn
and slightly arthitic DOCUMENTATION

ia a Journal on AOL a true blog?

Greedy or the pleasure of being a writer

Greedy heir looms after memorial service
the joys of writng

I had never seen a household stripped of its essence until I saw my aunt's condominium immediately after her memorial service.

and seen in mw-ville red on

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Google On Fire

Google On Fire

Thousands of people all over the world are literally GETTING RICH! with GOOGLE! Ordinary people without any technical education or advanced skills are making simple web sites, filling them with "content", adding GOOGLE ADSENSE to those web sites, submitting them to search engines and earning a profit every time one of those little ads is clicked!
$95 a year but a porn blog would pay much better, givin ya exclusive hip hop audio, rap, music, news, videos, honeys, downloads, givin ya exclusive hip hop audio, rap, music, news, videos, honeys, downloads
from my email
AdSenseGuy said...
Just thought I would visit and ask that you return the visit to my Google's On Fire blog. Thanks!

I liked the splash ad cool

I'm back lurking in mw-ville