Saturday, November 12, 2005

pain in your back

my danish doctor gave me this excellent booklet
published by Københavns Kommune - Rygcentret
Effekt af Mekanisk Diagnostik og Terapi, PDF

In about 1956 in his clinic in Wellington, New Zealand, McKenzie observed by chance a remarkable event which has changed worldwide the nature of treatment administered for the alleviation of back pain
read more about Robin McKenzie OBE, FCSP, FNZSP (Hon), DIP MT
The McKenzie Institute New Zealand

people with low-back pain do benefit from extension exercises
but ask your doctor FIRST before doing any of these exercises

with bare feet flat on the floor (a) fully rounded back (b) fully arched back

exercise a b a b ab . . about 15 times

(c) an ideal back position is about 10% less bowed than (b)

1 relax with deep breathing for about 5 minutes

2 not a push up

but support yourself by your forearms for about 5 minutes

3 stomach lying with palms flat on the floor under your shoulders

3b push yourself up and hold for a couple of seconds

at all times be relaxed from your waist down

do this 10 to 15 times

start by standing legs slightly apart, and with your hands on the upper part of your buttocks with your fingers pointing at a comfortable angle downwards.

bend over backwards and look as far above and behind as you can

hold for a couple of seconds


listen to your body and consult a professional

(who may advise on cushions under your hips and to do the third exercise whilst lying down too)

10th McKenzie International Conference PDF

March 23-27, 2007

Queenstown New Zealand

I am experimenting with this cellphone camera in order to learn its limitations

the experimental cell phone photo set up

I rested my wrist on the edge of the pressure cooker

the apples are Brumleby windfalls

Sunday, November 06, 2005

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