Friday, May 26, 2006

gun mad in TEXAS

Victoria Advocate: "St. Joseph High School salutatorian, Jennifer Stevens, got this shotgun for her 18th birthday. She said she enjoys hunting for deer and hogs in her spare time. " The story

yes gun mad in TEXAS

Monday, May 08, 2006

chinese spam

moderated and deleted as off topic in my Genealoge blog but interesting

very good site!.I'd like to exchange idea with you about your subject.
Can I introduce Bristol website:
Chinese backcare therapist website to give you a wealth of information about back pain as well as educate you about Chinese backcare therapy.

It is about Dr Han -- Chinese ex-army doctor, (TCM doctor) specialises in lower back pain relief (eg.sciatica), adopting acupressure massage therapy and acupuncture, he worked in China army hospital over 20 years as medical practitioner.
if you like contact him,
ring: 079 6752 5168; 01179 730364. by appointment only!

which explains one source of personnel for the wave of chinese medicine shops spring up in shopping malls.