Tuesday, December 26, 2006

5-step plan to lose weight for life

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"finally pinned down -- a 5-step plan to lose weight for life.

Linda Spangle’s plan involves asking yourself a series of questions when you’re facing a difficult situation. She says you can use one of them or all of them, whatever works for you personally. In the heat of the moment, her questions can delay the usual knee-jerk reaction to reach for food.

Step 1
What’s going on?

Think about what’s affecting you right now. What’s making you want to eat? It might be that your kids are being difficult or you’ve had a row with a colleague.

Step 2
How do I feel?

Fill in the blanks of this sentence: “I feel ______ because ______.” The first blank is the emotion you’re feeling and the second blank is the reason why you’re feeling this way. Your sentence might read “I feel angry because the kids are being disobedient.”

Step 3
What do I need?

Do you need to calm down? Do you need some time away from people? Do you need more time with people? Do you need rest? Once you determine what you really need, you can address this in a way that doesn’t involve food.

Step 4
What’s in my way?

What is stopping you from taking action? Maybe you don’t feel like it. Maybe you don’t want to make the effort. Spangle says it’s important to nail down the barriers that keep you from applying your healthy eating know-how. Stop letting excuses (I’m tired, I don’t have time, I didn’t want to, etc) and people stand between you and successful weight loss.

Step 5

What will I do now?

Look at what you can do right now that will give you a chance to manage the situation differently. Create an action plan that has nothing to do with food.

Spangle says with this 5-step plan you can make any diet work in your favour. That’s because you’ll know how to deal with emotional eating when problems arise.

“It’s the missing piece for a lot of people," she says. "When they struggle or fall off the wagon after working so hard, it’s often because of emotional issues. These needs come back in their life and they don’t address them. They let food address them instead.

“All it takes living each day with a conscious awareness to recognise stressors and cope with them.

This needs to be done in a healthy way rather than an unhealthy way such as overeating.”

Friday, December 15, 2006

art business

United Art Painting and Prints - Commissioned Paintings

United Art is an association of artists with a wide range of different skills and talents brought to you within one viewing arena.

United Art offer you a combined wealth of experience totalling one hundred and forty years of art in the commercial and private field. Our artists use various mediums such as pencil, pastel, watercolour or oils, paintings or prints, in tradition or modern styles.

United Art offer paintings or prints, some of which can be purchased directly online, or you can commission our artists to produce the work you require under the categories shown.

To order a painting or print, or if you want to commission an artist to produce a picture, paint a family portrait or child portrait, you can contact us by e-mail or telephone, as shown under the pictures. The prices are also shown under the pictures, or you can discuss a price with the artist of you choice.

The prices include postage and packing for purchases within the UK. There will be additional charges for orders from outside the UK, depending on location, but at the current commercial rate.

Monday, December 04, 2006

How to feel great and lose weight

My Blog, by Anthony King: How to feel great and lose weight! Top "secret" advice! By Anthony King: "Marlon Brando....The man.... Marlon Brando had the most amazing ability to lose weight. I mean, seriously, he would go from being a very healthy lean looking movie star to a massive overweight man, and then back again, in very short periods of time....But how!?? He was once asked in an interview, 'How do you lose weight so quickly?' Now, you'd be surprised at his answer...Did it involve an army of Hollywood trainers?

No! Did it involve subscribing to nonsensical unhealthy scam diets? No! It was completely free...And very easy to do.

He would close the curtains, close the doors, put on a great piece of music full blast...And just go crazy!

Yes, just move to the music. No choreography, no nothing!

He said that he just copied the Hula dancers that he watched, with all that movement.
You are a human being, with natural rhythm....Why do you need to learn to go crazy to a great happy song?....You don't.
And I mean, go crazy...Just do whatever you feel like, maneuver like a crazy beast...Just lose control and for once...Feel free to lose your inhibitions and be free!

Hey, nobody's watching, so who gives a damn anyway!"