Saturday, August 30, 2008

weigh in today


Hugh Watkins wrote:
The most important thing is to enjoy life day by day and feel okay

getting stressed about obesity is not the way forwards

making enjoyable life style changes
well made and well cooked healthy food gives as much pleasure as junk food

modest exercise also makes all of us feel good

don't tolerate bullies

it is my nature to be muscular when young and active,
and obese when old

Know yourself and be true to yourself and enjoy each day and live it to the full


23 June 2008

26 stone 8lb or 169.1 kg on an oldchit from Boots

today on my LIDL BALANCE

161.5 kg or 25 stone 6 lbs

google calculator said:-

161.5 kilograms = 356.046553 pounds = 25.4318966 stone

0.4318966 stone = 6.0465524 pounds

Search Features: "To use Google's built-in calculator function, simply enter the calculation you'd like done into the search box."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bankrupt in UK?

The Insolvency Service Website

Bankruptcy information and advice on its alternatives | Financial Guardian: "Bankruptcy Legislation

The current legislation on bankruptcy is found in The Enterprise Act 2002; the provisions relating to personal bankruptcy being finally brought into law from 1st April 2004.

The main provisions are:

* All first time, non fault, personal bankruptcies shall now only last for a maximum of 12 months before the debtor is formally discharged."

Guide to Bankruptcy: "You will no longer control your assets.

You can keep the following items unless their individual value is more than the cost of a reasonable replacement:

* tools, books, vehicles and other items of equipment which you need to use personally in your employment, business or vocation;
* clothing, bedding, furniture, household equipment and other basic items you and your family need in the home.

All these items must be disclosed to the Official Receiver who will then decide whether you can can keep them."