Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amanda Palmer

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bladder continence

Bladder and Bowel Foundation > Bladder and Bowel Foundation

Do you have bladder control problems and have to hurry to the toilet and don't always make it in time? Or maybe you have to pass urine more often than you used to?

Do you leak urine in your sleep or have to wake up more than twice a night?


Coloplast Ltd. - Welcome to Coloplast Limited

Thursday, June 25, 2009


ChapeauAnnouncesWinners: "Chapeau Blog Awards is an awards contest that tips its chapeaus to honor bloggers worldwide who devote their time and knowledge to inform, entertain and challenge their readers. Those involved in the Chapeau Blog Awards are not involved in the final selection of winners. Rather than assembling an antiquated academy of high profile ‘Noggers’ – Non-bloggers - to determine which blog is best, Chapeau Blog Awards does what bloggers do. They ask for the opinion of the public sphere of blog readers. By asking blog readers to judge the Chapeau Blog Awards, entrants can be assured of a meaningful award as selected by their most important audience; blog readers themselves. Chapeau Blog Awards is the creator of BlogOh!Pedia, an online encyclopedia of blogging terms and Blog Review, an online review of blogs from around the world."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walking Backward May Sharpen Thinking

Walking Backward May Sharpen Thinking: "The next time you're facing a challenge, you might not want to stand your ground. Maybe you should try walking backward instead, Dutch researchers suggest.

'Whenever you encounter a difficult situation, stepping backward may boost your capability to deal with it effectively,' Severine Koch, PhD, and colleagues write in May's edition of Psychological Science.

Koch's team works for the social and cultural psychology department at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The WELL - Guide to Well Engaged - Shortcuts

The WELL - Guide to Well Engaged - Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcut Result

L Goes to My List.

P Clicks the Pass button.

T Opens the Topic list.

N Next or New advances through "My Conference List". Depending where you are, N will:

Click a Pass button when you are viewing a Topic

Invoke Global See New from "My Conference List."

Invoke See New

R Go to the post (response) box (only works when the post box is actually on the current page - it won't work if you have to click a button to bring up the post box)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

sumo robot seen on NHK world tv

sumo robot - Google Search
Robot-sumo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Robot-sumo, or pepe-sumo, is a sport in which two robots attempt to push each other out of a circle (in a similar fashion to the sport of sumo). The robots used in this competition are called sumobots.

The engineering challenges are for the robot to find its opponent (usually accomplished with infrared sensors) and to push it out of the flat arena. A robot should also avoid leaving the arena, usually by means of a sensor that detects the edge.

The most common 'weapon' used in a sumobot competition is an angled blade at the front of the robot, usually tilted at about a 45 degree angle towards the back of the robot. This blade has an adjustable height for different tactics.

Robot-sumo is divided into classes, fought on progressively smaller arenas:"

sumo robot NHK World - Google Search: "The robot sumo club of Kunisaki High School"

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Beautiful Buzz

Beautiful Buzz: "Look to your right: in “pages,” some of my recent articles are available for your perusing, enjoying and criticizing. Here I am creating something that’s ostensibly mine, a blog where I’ll catalog my published musings on arts & culture (with a focus on music) and talk a little off the top of my head from time to time: what I’ve been listening to, where I’m traveling, what goes on in my mind. But first a little history…"